Government Relations

Providing strategic counsel and legislative representation for clients before the South Carolina General Assembly, Governor’s Office, state agencies and local governments.

The RPL Government Relations team has a reputation for being an ardent advocate for our clients without compromising ethical responsibility. RPL approaches elected officials in a meaningful and responsible manner to educate them on the issues and obtain support for specific client interests. We encourage clients to contact any chairman of any legislative committee regarding RPL’s reputation, abilities and work ethic.

Direct Legislative Representation and Monitoring

RPL represents clients before the South Carolina General Assembly, including legislative committees and respective staff members, to achieve specified objectives and fundamentally shape the public debate. Strategies are aligned with existing client efforts and developed based on coordinated research and background review of the issues. Assistance in the drafting of legislation and preparation of talking points and other briefing papers is provided in order to effectively communicate client interests.

RPL monitors and electronically tracks all legislation of interest daily and maintains direct and immediate contact with clients regarding any action on important bills and regulations. Clients receive custom legislative tracking reports along with RPL’s session-weekly edition of Under the Dome, an exclusive legislative e-newsletter summarizing actions of the South Carolina General Assembly for the week.

Procurement Services

RPL manages clients through the South Carolina procurement process by making key introductions and providing critical information regarding responses to new contracting opportunities. With a demonstrated record of achievement, RPL has assisted clients in obtaining state contracts including the statewide contract for 800 MHz/P25 Public Safety Radio Network (the only state radio system which includes total interoperability - over 36,000 radios), the statewide electronic voting machine contract, the statewide financials contract, the Medicaid non-emergency transportation contract, the contract for 80% of the computers used by state agencies and other state entities and the contract to provide central gaming and statewide retail network systems for the South Carolina Education Lottery.

Coalition Building and Grassroots Advocacy

RPL carries extensive business and advocacy contacts and can strengthen client positions by identifying and working with coalitions of like-minded groups with similar interests and coordinating the means, methods and personnel needed for effective representation. Grassroots advocacy is vital for the best possible outcome, and RPL provides strategic counsel regarding optimal interaction with elected officials.

Ethics Reporting and Administration

RPL believes there is no “grey area” pertaining to ethical responsibility. We assist clients with registration and disclosure as required by the South Carolina State Ethics Commission to ensure client compliance with all state campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws. Additional client services which may be offered include event planning, corporate reports and group presentations.


The RPL Government Relations team has successfully represented clients with interests in the following areas for more than sixteen years:

  • Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Procurement
  • Banking and Lending
  • Public Policy
  • Broadcasting
  • Public Safety
  • Child Advocacy
  • Recycling
  • Environmental Issues
  • State Agency Regulatory Policy
  • Healthcare
  • State Budget Advocacy
  • Higher Education
  • Taxation
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • K-12 Education
  • Transportation
  • Local Government