Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings – Peace of Mind.

One of the cornerstones for the founding of Riley Pope & Laney was our focus on real estate transactions and real estate litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience across South Carolina representing clients in both residential and commercial real estate transactions, including refinances and leases. Our attorneys travel the entire state of South Carolina to handle these transactions at a local level.

We also have extensive experience in real estate related litigation and title disputes across both South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Managing the details of these transactions is crucial to your financial and legal peace of mind. We understand the importance of prompt communication with our clients as well as have the experience to problem-solve roadblocks to ensure the success of the transaction.

Organization and communication are promises we keep with our clients. We are fortunate that many of our clients today started with us shortly after our firm was formed in 2001; our clients trust our firm with some of their most valuable assets. We continuously strive to improve to earn the trust of the next generation as well as new clients.

To learn more about our real estate practice, please contact Lowndes Pope at or at 803.799.9993.